Double Award for Mbanq and Lars Rottweiler at MENAA 2023

by Jan 31, 2023

Mbanq’s leadership and impact on Banking-as-a-Service is recognized with awards presented by François Hollande, former President of France.


DUBAI, UAE, January 31, 2023 (EIN PRESSWIRE) — Leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, Mbanq, wins Best Brand of Impact for global Banking-as-a-Service and FinTech Innovation at the MENAA Awards, 2023. An independent jury, headed by the ZHAW School of Management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences selected Mbanq for the award. Previous winners include AXA (insurance), Vodafone (Telecoms) and Radisson (hotels).

Lars Rottweiler, Mbanq’s CTO, also wins Best Leader of Impact in Banking and FinTech. The awarding committee noted that: “with more than 28 years of expertise in banking, Lars Rottweiler is an influential leader in the banking industry. Formerly active as a senior executive at PwC, Accenture and Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, Lars co-founded Mbanq and with insightful leadership created modern banking solutions. Today Lars is recognized for leading Mbanq’s technology teams to create solutions for the future of banking across the world.

Speaking on behalf of the awarding committee, President Hollande said: “Mbanq receives the Best Brand of Impact award in Banking and FinTech because it is recognized as a world-leading FinTech and Banking-as-a-Service provider. Mbanq creates and operates regulatory compliant banks across the entire globe. Its success and innovation show that Mbanq writes the future of how we use banking services.”

On receiving the awards, Lars Rottweiler said: “Mbanq’s technology and ‘as-a-Service’ teams have worked incredibly hard to redefine the ease and speed with which it is possible to launch banking and digital finance brands across the world.

“Whether you are a bank, credit union or FinTech, Mbanq has created an unbeatable Banking-as-a-Service package which provides the ideal solution to speed up, simplify and reduce resource requirements to launch and operate cutting-edge digital financial services.”

Dr. Sepehr Tarverdian, event organizer and CEO at Impacters Events, saluted Mbanq for its outstanding achievements – especially its success as one of the world’s fastest growing FinTechs.

Mbanq is a US-headquartered Banking-as-a-Service provider with a global presence. Its comprehensive ‘as-a-Service’ portfolio includes compliance, lending, back office, disputes and complaints. Mbanq is a strong technology innovator with a well-established, proprietary technology stack and banking technology patents.

Launched in 2016, Mbanq started as a technology partner to Credit Unions, banks and non-bank financial institutions to provide the innovative capabilities to create and operate digital financial services.

Today, Mbanq is a fully compliant, vertically integrated solution that covers the entire range of banking products for retail and corporate clients, with front-to-back office functionality. Mbanq’s white-label mobile apps and open banking API enable access to best of breed FinTech innovators while offering a modern digital experience to banking customers.

Over the past six years the company has experienced rapid growth and success based on its comprehensive technology and expanded services business model that enables fully compliant digital financial services for a wide range of use cases – from banks and credit unions to sports teams and educational establishments that wish to open new FinTech revenue streams through embedded finance.


MENAA is a leading organizer of international conferences and forums. It promotes and improves industries by acknowledging and promoting excellence within top level business organizations.

The ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences is a leading university specializing in applied sciences in Switzerland.


Double Award for Mbanq and Lars Rottweiler at MENAA 2023
MENAA Awards 2023 at the Palazzo Versace in Dubai
Francois Hollande, MENAA Awards 2023
Sepehr Tarverdian
Francois Hollande and Lars Rottweiler at the MENAA Awards in Dubai

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