Mbanq and Galileo Enhance Financial Services Together

by Apr 22, 2023

Vlad Lounegov sat down to speak with Galileo about how the companies together help non-banks leverage the power of BaaS to enhance their offerings and bring financial services to new audiences, including historically underserved segments.

[G:] What is your company’s mission and purpose?

[VL:] Mbanq’s mission is to liberalize banking. The accessibility to banking has always been restricted. There’s a very substantial portion of the United States population that doesn’t have access to basic banking services.

We are delivering more banking to segments under-appreciated by the banking community.

[G:] Who are your customers and how does your solution help them?

[VL:] Mbanq provides services to three groups of customers.

Traditional financial institutions, which includes smaller regional banks and credit unions.

Non-bank financial institutions, such as lenders and asset management firms.

And, of course, FinTechs. These FinTechs come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are just a brand. Others are foreign banks or financial institutions entering the United States market. And then the community and affinity groups that would like to provide banking services to their members.

[G:] How does Galileo help you deliver on your mission?

[VL:] Galileo is an essential part of our value proposition to our clients.

First and foremost, we deliver our value proposition which always comes with a debit or credit card. Without us being able to offer cards our Banking-as-a-Service offering is incomplete.

Another essential part of our partnership with Galileo is that we go to market together. It helps us immensely to close deals, big or small, and to deliver our joint value proposition together with Galileo.

[G:] How is your company expanding the financial frontier now or in the future?

[VL:] Historically, we were only able to deliver our services after a very long process of integration. Now Galileo helps us, and our clients, shorten time to market and to arrive at revenue faster. We know this is very hard to do.

With Mbanq and Galileo, all the things are working together very well which allows us to deliver a program within 30 days.

[G:] Is there a person that has helped you deliver on your mission?

[VL:] I feel there are several groups or several teams that deserve a mention.

First and foremost, it is Suzan Chaffin’s team. The way that they were able to pull off a delivery within 30 days. Not only have we never had an experience like that, we also know from our experience in the market that to deliver anything in 30 days is almost impossible. Thank you very much Suzan and your team.

And, of course, Aaron Bright’s team. We’ve been going to market together now for several months and have created substantial traction in the market. Thank you very much Aaron and Aaron’s team for being such a great partner for us.

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