Embedded Banking for Music and Entertainment

Entertainment companies are empowered to bring core banking products and next-gen audience-centric solutions to market. Embedded financial services create new momentum and enhance the audience experience through new revenue streams for film, theater, music and entertainment.

Success in entertainment necessitates digital innovation and incorporation of personalized financial and entertainment capabilities.

Music and Entertainment
are Uniquely Suited
to Benefit from Embedded BANKING

By leveraging Mbanq’s offerings, you will enhance your business with financial services integration, streamline operations, improve fan engagement, and make data-driven business decisions in a rapidly evolving industry.

Embedded BANKING for Entertainment

Enhanced Audience Experience


Easier to buy

  • Increased affordability for subscriptions and ticketing

  • Digital wallet-supported ticketing and subscriptions

One-touch value added services

  • One-tap event ticketing insurance add-ons

  • Virtual events and access to related merchandise

Relevant offers/promotions

  • Better cross-sell recommendations (e.g. personalized media rewards, live and virtual experiences)

  • Up-sell other financial services offerings (e.g. co-branded accounts and insurance)

Simpler access to financial tools

  • Earlier access to paychecks for employees and artists

  • In-app tax products for employees and artists

  • Bank accounts for employees and artists

How You Benefit from Mbanq’s
Comprehensive Banking-as-a-Service

Financial Services Integration

Mbanq helps entertainment businesses integrate financial services into operations. This includes offering personalized financial products and services to fans and customers, such as branded debit and credit cards, mobile apps for transactions, and loyalty programs.

Loyalty and Rewards Solutions

Mbanq enables entertainment businesses to leverage innovative loyalty and rewards programs that are personalized to their brand and fanbase and can include digital merchandise and event tickets.

Digital Platform and Engagement

Mbanq helps entertainment brands develop digital platforms that enhance fan engagement and loyalty. This includes features such as interactive fan experiences, digital content distribution, ticketing systems, and personalized offerings to create a strong community and enhance the customer experience.

Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

Mbanq has extensive experience in regulatory and compliance, which is crucial in the highly regulated financial services industry. It assists entertainment businesses in navigating compliance obligations and helps ensure adherence to laws and regulations related to financial transactions and services.

Disbursement and Collection Solutions

Mbanq’s Disbursement-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Collection-as-a-Service (CaaS) offerings streamlines payment workflows and improve cash flow. DaaS automates payment processes, while CaaS optimizes collections efforts, reducing operational complexities and improving financial management.

Insights and Analytics

Mbanq’s Insights-as-a-Service provides entertainment businesses with valuable data-driven insights and analytics. This helps optimize business decisions, understand customer behavior and preferences, drive targeted marketing strategies, and improves overall operational efficiency.

Data Security and Compliance

Given the sensitivity of financial data, Mbanq provides industry-leading security features and compliance measures to protect customer information and prevent fraud in financial transactions within your industry.

Account Management and Closure

Mbanq’s Account Closing-as-a-Service (ACaaS) assists entertainment businesses in automating the accounts closure processes. This can help manage a large number of accounts efficiently, follow regulatory guidelines, and reduce the time and resources required for account closures.

Partnerships and Alliances

Mbanq can establish strategic partnerships and alliances with other businesses, venues, and entertainment companies. Leveraging finance and collaborating with industry players will expand your reach, create joint solutions, and provide added value to clients by combining financial services with entertainment experiences.