In an era of rapid technological advancement, businesses seek innovative solutions to boost customer experiences and propel revenue growth. The airline industry, with its vast and dynamic nature, stands to gain significantly from Embedded Banking.


Embedded finance brings airline-branded financial tools such as debit cards, credit cards, payment apps and reward points, readily accessible to airline customers. This will result in increased in-air and airport spending, fostering a seamless travel experience.

Customers will consistently accumulate loyalty points to spend on their next flight or related services. They will be incentivized to continue their patronage with the same airline.


Customers will utilize the airline’s financial tools long after their journey, bringing interchange and financial services revenue to the airline.

Mbanq's Superior Implementation


  • State-of-the-art backend technology


  • Intuitive customer-facing apps


  • Full regulatory compliance


  • Robust daily operations and customer support

What is
Embedded Banking?

Integration of financial services into non-financial platforms.

Payment apps, digital and physical debit and credit cards, loyalty programs, upgraded digital services.

Seamless and personalized financial experiences for customers.


    • Passengers have effortless access to an array of financial services during their flight and at the airport.
    • Simplified payment methods, digital wallets, transactions, white label debit and credit card issuance.
    • Passengers manage finances and access personalized financial services within the airline’s digital ecosystem.
    • Mbanq’s platform for airlines aids in executing personalized loyalty programs and tailored financial products.



    • Passengers enjoy a seamless and consistent financial journey in the air and on the ground.
    • Airlines offer exclusive financial incentives, rewards, and loyalty programs with data-driven customization catering to individual passenger preferences and behaviors.
    • A personalized approach that enhances customer engagement, fosters loyalty and brand recognition and encourages repeat bookings.
    • Through Mbanq’s platform airlines create a cohesive and rewarding experience, enhancing overall passenger satisfaction and strengthening the relationship between passengers and airlines.


    • Potential to capture a share of financial transactions that passengers make onboard and at the airport.
    • Data-driven loyalty programs result in increased consumer spending.
    • Enables efficient and secure payment processing, allowing airline partners to streamline financial transactions and reduce operational costs.
    • Data analytics and personalization provides opportunities to upsell and cross-sell financial products and services such as travel insurance and foreign currency exchange.


In the evolving intersection of technology and the airline industry, Embedded Banking solutions offered by Mbanq present a compelling investment opportunity for airlines

By integrating financial services into the flight experience and harnessing the synergy between the two, airlines, in collaboration with Mbanq, boost customer satisfaction, unlock new revenue channels, and nurture customer loyalty

As the airline industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer expectations and preferences, airlines will stay ahead of the competition by embracing the power of Embedded Banking and synergizing with Mbanq

Mbanq provides the most comprehensive technology, compliance, and services package for Embedded Banking.

Mbanq empowers the airline industry to launch, operate and benefit from modern digital finance anywhere and at any scale, effortlessly, swiftly, and resource-efficiently.

Together with the airline industry, Mbanq is set to redefine how consumers engage with digital finance in the air and on the ground.